Portable Panels ( Designs A and B )

  • Advertising Medium

    Portable Panels Designs A and Designs B
  • Available Units

    Design A, 4 pieces Design B, 4 pieces
  • Measurements

    Design A: 85 cm w x 120 cm h

    Design B: Panel height: 180 cm,

    Poster 60 cm w x 90 cm h

  • Technical Implementation

    Design A: Portable, without illumination, two-sided panel, suitable for indoors and outdoors Design B: Portable, illuminated, two-sided panel, suitable for indoors. Placement is executed by Tüyap. Design and printing fall under the responsibility of the advertising firm.
  • Usage Fee

    Design A:

    One side: 200 Euro + VAT

    Two sides: 300 Euro + VAT

    Model B:

    One side: 300 Euro + VAT

    Two sides: 400 Euro + VAT