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Adelbert-Haas-Str. 178647 Trossingen / / / GERMANY
Contact Info: +49 7425 33710
Hall: 11
Stand: 1137A
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Adelbert Haas has the right hardware and software - for all industries where metal is machined. Our technicians, engineers and developers are masters of their discipline. Whether you manufacture precision tools or turbine blades, whether you produce complex individual pieces on one machine or want to work fully automatically. Our Multigrind® grinding machines and our Multigrind® Horizon software are universal. And yet you get a product that is made just for you. As a complete turnkey solution to your problem. And with the flexibility to support you tomorrow.

The Multigrind® CA.The precision tool.

The compact 5-axis grinding center with all the technical details. From precision tools and turbine blades to gearbox shafts and knee implants: You can grind just about anything on the Multigrind® CA. Or more importantly, exactly what you want. The center features our Adelbert Haas Multicube design with a cubic mineral composite base and symmetric arrangement. There are no mechanical surpluses and no projections. For maximum stability, vibration dampening and exemplary precision. Tool changers and automation make your grinding projects cost-effective and reliable.

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